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Sunday, November 18, 2007

MadTV Sucks! Just my opinion.

Well SNL is a rerun so I thought I would give MadTV another chance after giving up on it after their abysmal season opener. MadTV still sucks. They messed with teh formate of the show and now it sucks. What was once a legitimate contender for Saturday night comedy viewing against SNL has been a victim of the dreaded reconfiguring that has happened to shows like House, which is another Fox show. I don't know what's going on over at Fox, but they better get wise quick and go back to what was funny because SNL miraculously got good this year. For I'll be watching SNL unless I hear MadTV turns things around. I gave them a second chance and got burned.

Until the End,
Kevin Berryman


dudeski said...

all of mad TV's skits end in either a group argument, everybody dying, or a huge fight. they come up with terrible premises for their jokes and have no way to end them so they say "ah well lets have a big fight or everyone die, thats an easy way to end a joke"

bunch of hacks, need new writers desperately

james said...

Alex Borstein and Michael McDonald suck so much!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate that show now. It promotes nothing but stupidity.